About our brand

Notice something different around our office? We are now Rivertrail Dental Centre and Funzone.

Coming up with a new name and logo was probably one of the more difficult things we’ve done as a team.    We started by working with one of the largest, most expensive marketing companies in the city but it quickly became evident our values and motivations were just too different for them to come up with something that was “us.”

Eventually we ended up working with one of our patients who had just entered the field to come up with Rivertrail Dental Centre and the  new logo.

On the surface, the geographic prominence of the Red River and Chief Pegius Trial evoke an obvious link to our new name.   On a more personal level, the name resonates because one of my most vivid memories of growing up was spending time on the dirt “monkey” trails along the river in this area.

Fishing, biking or just exploring the trails were an urban oasis for a kid with an inquisitive mind and a love of nature.

The logo may look like floss flowing from a tooth but when you look closer it’s actually the exact shape of the Red River as it flows towards our office and symbolizes the journey we share with our patients.