Our Team


Back row: Krista  (Staff Manager), Ronda, Tera, Bonnie, Deanna (Office Manager), Bonnie, Natalie (Clinic Manager), Jessica
Front Row: Kyla, Brittany, Allison

At Rivertrail  Dental Centre and Funzone friendly faces are a priority – that’s why we’re so proud to have the best, friendliest and most helpful team around!

Kind and committed to the best in oral healthcare, our staff sets the standard when it comes to patient care. We are here to serve  kids’ oral health needs and maintain a proud, leading-edge standard of care.

Looking for a warmth and enthusiasm you can¹t find in run-of-the-mill, retail-chain dental offices? We all share a common love for what we do and approach each day and each patient with an unmatchable warmth and enthusiasm.

Meet our dentists