About Us

At Rivertrail Dental Centre our patients come in all shapes and sizes … and more importantly can grow with us!

From infancy into adulthood, we provide a dental home your child can feel comfortable growing up in.

Our goal is to make all our patients feel comfortable and welcome at each and every visit and also to create lifelong dental habits that we’ll continue to support as they grow up.  We do see many patients first when they are babies but as they get older we make sure your child won’t feel uncomfortable going to what they see as a “baby dentist.”

We offer a friendly, youthful environment complete with a full-sized play structure, bubble hockey, TVs in the ceiling above our treatment chairs and video games in the lobby.

We believe in education and work hard to ensure our patients and their families are well versed in proper oral hygiene and dental care to prevent future dental health problems.

To serve the needs of our nervous, anxious and fearful kids we offer nitrous oxide sedation and when needed, have privileges at the renowned Western Surgery Centre for those that may need a general anesthetic.

Let us help your child set off on the right foot to a lifetime of healthy, beautiful teeth and gums!

We’re proud to be a youth-focused practice that provides a dental home your children can grow up in – but as general practice dentists we are happy to serve our aging patients through adulthood.  (We normally limit new patients to those that are under the age of 21 but existing patients can stay as long as they would like.)

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We’re open to serve your family:

8am-8pm Monday
8am-8pm Tuesday
8am-8pm Wednesday
8am-4pm Thursday
8am-4pm Friday