Our Patients

We are committed to helping our patients obtain optimum oral health as part of an overall strategy for a healthy body.

Regular check-ups are essential to maintaining healthy teeth and are also the best way to help prevent future extensive and costly dental problems.

We recommend kids have their first dental check-up no later than age two and then continue to have regular check-ups every six months.

Dr. Sul and Dr. Rusen also recommend sealants for children and teens to prevent developing decay in the depressions and grooves on chewing surfaces – specifically the premolars and molars. Brushing and flossing alone can remove food particles and plaque from smooth surfaces but can’t always get into all the nooks and crannies that often get missed. Sealant bonds into these teeth to form a protective shield that seals out plaque and food to help prevent cavities.

In addition to preventative care we also offer treatment for cavities, minor orthodontics, accident/emergency care and many other routine (and not-so-routine) dental services.

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